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Pawn Stars (Sve Sezone)

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Pawn Stars (Sve Sezone) Empty Pawn Stars (Sve Sezone)

Post  markodjorem on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:44 pm

Pawn Stars (Sve Sezone) Pawn

Pawn Stars involves either Rick or Corey narrating a segment where a customer brings in an object to pawn or sell, followed by a few general historical facts relating to the object. Whoever is evaluating the object goes over potential value with the customer, interspersed with an interview where he explains the basis of his decision to the viewer. A price tag graphic at the bottom corner of the screen provides the ever-changing dollar amount as the two negotiate over the item at hand. When Rick or Corey are unable to evaluate an object, they consult with a knowledgeable expert who can evaluate it or what the potential cost of restoring the object is. Following that, they are shown haggling over price with the customer. Each episode features several such segments which can run concurrently with each other or in sequence.



Sezona 1:


Sezona 2:



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